Prospection at the right time

Uncover buying signals from companies who need you and boost your sales

Leads found from signals, not luck

Exactsignal provides you daily qualified leads based on your ICP and buying signals and pushes them to your sales automation tools


Sales Intent Detection

Understand buyer behaviour and pain points using intent signals and keyword insights.

Qualitative leads
Create more opportunies

Company enrichment

Our company enrichment allows you to qualify leads based on your ICP

Only qualified leads
Increase conversion rate

People & email lookup

Instantly get the person you need to contact and get their email address & social media profile

Find the right contact
Email discovery

Integrate with your favorites tools

Avoid duplicate leads and automatically push new opportunities to your CRM and sales automation tools.

Save 1 hour per day
Get relevant insight

GDPR compliant

The data searched does not come from a third party database and we do not save your searches.

Real time data
Encrypted data
2hSaved per day
+60%Response rate
+40%Qualified meetings

Get qualified leads in 3 steps

Here are the steps to start getting highly qualified leads now


Define your target

You can define your ICP and buyer persona to receive only the most qualified leads for your business

Define my target

Define your signals

Choose the right buying signals and prospect the right companies at the right time

Get new opportunities

Get new opportunities

Once you have the right leads at the right time, send them to your sales automation tools and trigger your sales team and email campaigns

Try it now


Growth 🚀Premium ✨Custom 🛠
Company enrichment
People enrichment
Custom it as you want

You're in great company

See what our clients say about us


At first we externalised our lead generation with an agency. Now that we feed our prospection process with Exactsignal we get more replies. We now chat with companies that need our service. Sales got alot easier since !

Pierre Lechelle - Head of Growth Openclassrooms

We reach out to companies that are hiring admin support to offer them a solution through outsourcing. Exactsignal automates the whole process for us. It's a real time-saver !

Marc Le Vernoy - CEO 3h18

Exactsignal provides us with outstanding leads. 4x higher reply rates, slower contact burn, better conversion rates at closing the deals. We also figure that sales are less intrusive once you find that compelling event.

Quentin Debois - Founder Genoa Sales


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